As a child growing up in the hair salon, I always loved the glow and confidence that women received after finishing their hair services.   I was raised in Baltimore, MD so I was determined to work and have my own income.  At the tender age of 14, I worked 2 jobs, "Chic-fil-A"as a cashier and "Imaginations Beauty Salon"  as a shampoo assistant. Maintaining two jobs and school I still seemed to find time to get into youth trouble. After my 11th grade my mother (Lisa Eppes) decided to change my environment for the better, but to me, it was the worst thing possible. After visiting Atlanta, Ga in the past I had high hopes, but soon I realized visiting became a permanent residence which was completely different for me. Moving to a new state my senior year, not knowing anyone or anything took me into a depression. My God mother (Deedria Clark) was a well known Hair Stylist in the Gwinnett area and she decided to give me a shot as her shampoo assistant. After working with her and learning, I built a  relationships. After, graduating from high school I was ready to keep growing. I was ready to do even more than just braids so my God mother trained me even more because of my hunger for the industry.   I always kept God 1st  after receiving my first professional hair license as a Master Cosmetologist .   After 4 years of being consistent and delivering new and innovative technique,  I now maintain a faithful clientele under "Billions Beauty Palace" and  I have more own successful lingerie line "Billions Burlesque . With God and conquering my goals with hard work and dedication, I continue to build my Brand "Billions", remembering that what is for me, is for me and this is the beginning of what's to come. 


Billions is the extension expert that gives you flawless and natural looking extensions of various methods that is versatile and will last.