What is GBRAIDS? It is Gynesis
Braids similar to extension, giving it that fabulous fire look with her own craft & signature with a combination of every braiding technique that requires lacing.  You all know Tree braids, it is similar but a tab bit different; Gynesis incorporate artificial hair with the tree braiding method with the length of 14" or longer as a bonus to her clients.  Clients can utilize their own brand if applicable to the technique.  Individual tree braids are added to the nape section of the head first (1 or 2 rows) for flexibility and versatility. Gynesis use the cornrow method to the client's hair that is parted from the front of the head to the occipital lobe.
The artificial hair is added at the beginning of the braid by folding it in half to create a cornrow with a knot or no knot method depending on the commercial hair.  Gynesis braids 2-4 strokes and then pulls out a piece of the artificial hair, then braids an additional 2-4 strokes and pulls out another piece of artificial hair on both side. This pattern continues until all of the artificial hair is pulled out on both sides for fullness.  The client hair is branch like a leaf all the way pass the natural hair, if the client is natural the commercial hair is release and if not, a slip knot is performed for security.  Gynesis sews the hair closer to prevent separation to last past 2 months with the sew-in weaving technique just a couple across the cornrows.

What is Crochet Braids?
Your nature hair is braided horizontal or vertical depend on your desire look and then the commercial hair is pulled through with a crochet needle in a figure 8 to loop a knot.  Another tied knot is applied for security, this takes 2 hours and last up to 4 weeks and perhaps longer depend on how you take care of the style.

What is Crochet Interlocking Weaving?​​
The crochet weaving is also known as interlock weaving utilized with the latch hook crochet needle.  It is small strands of commercial hair latched through braids in a circular loop pattern constantly throughout: this is also done on a hair net.  Allowing the hair to look as natural as possible without any huge bumps; this takes about 5 to 6 hours to complete; one can use straight, curly or wavey commercial hair.

What is Circular Tree braids?
It is a corn row method but done in a circular pattern which is great for bob looks, afro/curly, bangs and to hide imperfection of edges and bald spots on the crown.  It is also great to avoid t tension at the temple.  The closure part is done with individual-micro Tree braids and/or continuation of circle until closed.

What is Knotting Extension?
It is actually Brazilian & Dominican Knotting, this is individuals attachment with the commercial hair and the natural hair tied in 1/4” used with bulk, weft or U-tip hair attached with elastic thread that does not break. This technique is also called no pain, no glue, and no weft extensions that last up to 5 months. It replaces the fusion technique. This versatile look will allow the hair to grow with multiple shampoos. It is wise to use factory hair or 100% human hair  or hair on the weft of your choice for the technique to last and the perimeter of your hair is left out for coverage or a creative style is done to hide natural hair and coverage. 

What is a Flat Stitch Sew In?
It is called Seamless Tracks, Flat line to name a few.  It is no braid, no glue, no bumps and clumps --painless sew-in that is used with thread that is creating a weft.  This last as long a traditional sew-in and you can shampoo and condition the hair.  This gives you a flat look...

What is Interlock?
It is a technique used with a crotchet needle while the client hair is secured under the net.  The commercial hair is pulled & knot through each loop of the net. Last up to 4 months

Does your braiding service include hair?
No you have to provide your own hair. You are welcome to purchase your own hair that suits your budget, I can braid any kind, but keep in mind whatever you purchase that is your ideal look. 100% Human Hair which I love to use is by Milk way, Sensual, Zury, Black Starr, Bally's, Saga to name a few and Hair Factory made hair. .No Virgin Indian or Remy Hair because the strands are too weak and thin and all the strands are uneven.
I need some type of texture for a better hold. Batik synthetic Hair is great and it last just as long. Be caution because Human Hair does shed a lot and they are being blended with synthetic fibers and it do not last too long and good human hair will cost you $50.00 and up but if you are on a budget BATIK will give you the same look just like human hair or whatever you can afford.  As I mention before, select the Human Hair that will give you that desire look and it is very different from Synthetic, I can deliver the technique but if your hair is not what you vision it is because of the hair pattern and texture, get advice first before purchasing.

Batik is the closest thing to Healthy Human Hair in a high-tech blend of luxury fibers. *Looks and Feels So Close to Healthy Human Hair with a Superior Finish *Non-Shedding, Fully Loaded *Developed to Reduce Tangling *Resilient and Re-useable *Washable and Retains its Original Curls and Softness *Non-Flammable for Your Safety Batik Premium Multi-Blend Hair Extension. Amazing Synthetic Hair if this suits your budget
if you order your own Human Hair Bulk, make sure it 9ozs to 10ozs and color hair sheds more because of chemical processing and the abuse so it is silky than natural hair and may not last too long..

Can I leave my edges out/ Around the perimeter?
Absolutely, I prefer you do if you have weak edges and if you want to prevent any breakage.  This is great for pony tails and it is a break off your edges.  The commercial hair has to match your natural hair as close as possible if not Gynesis can make it work but call in advance to be sure.


How to I prepare my hair for braiding sessions?
Please utilize sea breeze for hair, skin and nails to saturate onto your scalp for about 10 minutes.  If not use any cleanser that is non-menthol.  While the cleanser is being dissolve throughout your hair, part each section while rubbing the scalp with your finger or a comb.  (Part the section as if you are applying a virgin relaxer). Your hair and scalp will feel cool and cleanse as though it received a facial.  Now rinse the cleanser out with water and then apply shampoo of your choice, please perform 3 applications for best result. (Tea Tree, Olive Oil, Redken, Carol's Daughter, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, L’Oreal,  Ambrosia Hair or any shampoo that does not contain Lauryl and Sulfate these ingredients assist highly with hair loss and stripping of the hair).  Now you can apply a conditioner of your choice and let it sit for about 15 mins with a plastic cover under a dryer and if you do not have a dryer walk around your home with the plastic cap for about 45 to 60 mins, hopefully your body heat with help with the moist. (Pantene Pro V, Cantu Shea Butter, Placenta, Mixed Chicks, Bodiphier, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Silicone Mix and Bamboo awesome conditioners especially for Natural Hair).

If you are natural or relaxed, please rub in a leave in conditioner and part your hair in four section and blow out each section straight with a bristle brush or the comb that is attached to the dryer or part in four section and plait the hair and sit under the dryer until the hair is dry. (You can remove the plaits and brush your hair thoroughly or just leave it in and go to your appointment). Please do not grease your hair, leave it as is.

How to get the curls back?
If you swim with your Tree braids, please use a swimming cap and I suggest to wait after 4 weeks. You can use sea breeze for hair skin and nails to cleanse the scalp first.  Then apply the clarifying shampoo and conditioner to strip the entire chlorine out.  When rod setting the hair, you can apply any rod size for a unique or different look.  You can use flexi rods, roller set rods, curly perm rods or stream rods.  You can take each section the size of two fingers and pull them at a vertical angle wet with foam or Lotta body no mousse and roll upward but 2"away from braids.  If you have a bang you roll down ward with a big size purple or red roller, once you roll the entire commercial hair, take a magazine and sit under neat the dryer for at least 1 hour or until the hair is dry, if you are not dryer crazy, dip the commercial hair in hot water and pat dry. Stream rods are an easier applications as because they are already hot, so they can sit on your hair for 10 to 20 mins.

I have natural thick hair, but all of a sudden, I started losing my hair, should I get braids? 

If your hair loss is not the normal daily strands, braiding and extension is not recommended.  If you are noticing baldness or patches, please consult your physician so they can refer you to a dermatologist or prescribe medication.  If you are on medication, please let the specialists know before hair services.
The specialist may add some products that will chemically alter the medication and you may get a reaction or worst. Please mention anything or ingredients that you may be allergic to to avoid any problems with your skin and or scalp.

How to remove Tree braids and Shampoo and Condition Natural Hair?

If your natural hair is 2 to 5 inches, you can cut the entire hair (hanging hair that is pulled from the cornrows) not the braid itself.  Gently go through each section of your scalp and cut the thread or commercial hair that is pulled together to join the other braids if applicable.  Now if you know where your hair stops where the actual cornrow knot is you can also cut the additional hair as well about 1 to 1/2" down from the knot.  Take a rat tail comb or your fingers and un ravel/remove the braids.  This takes 1 to 1 ½ hour to remove the entire cornrows.

After your hair is completely dry, you can apply a leave in conditioner or oils and move on to the next style or allow your natural hair to breathe while you admire the growth.  Trim the ends to look a little polish.

What kind of methods can I use for tight braids all over or around the edges?
I am sure if you are not all the way natural, the pain will be unbearable within the first 3 days.  Please inform the person who is braiding your hair that you are sensitive and always mention certain areas is tight while service is in progress.  Although you have a relaxer it is okay for the braids to be a tab bit loose it will be awhile before you see new growth (3 weeks at the most). 
First, braid your hair (the extension) in two or four section (like pig tails), place a rubber band at the end so the braid don't unravel, and place a stocking cap or even a head scarf on the entire head.  It is wise to perform this step while you are taking a shower; you will place your entire head or just the frontal part of your head (edges) in water, proceed in saturating the cap/scarf in warm luke water for about 3 to 5 minutes-make sure it is submerge enough where the scalp is being wet as well.. This is great to ease the ache, when you're done...You can apply a leave in conditioner onto your scalp or areas where it is throbbing, you can spray the scalp with mix water/conditioner  or apply the conditioner on your finger tips or index finger and rub it where the pain arise.   Use a towel to pat dry your hair and if you have synthetic hair, PLEASE DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE HEAT/DRYER,  the heat will melt the commercial hair...just continue to dry with a towel gently...Now you will feel a whole lot better...

If not after the 3rd day, please take your pretty braids out immediately...More than likely you will not get a refund due to the time, but it doesn't hurt to ask the person to help you take the braids out.

How do I care/shampoo my Commercial Hair?

Straight Hair:  Shampoo the commercial Hair with regular mild shampoo Pantene, L’Oreal, Suave & Redkins to name a few.  Then Condition with moisturizing conditioner.  Wrap or roller set with a under hooded dryer.  When using heated iron be sure the temperature does not exceed 200 degrees.
Curly Hair: Shampoo Hair with regular mild shampoo and apply moistening conditioner.  While conditioner is still in the hair comb with a large tooth comb then rinse.  Comb out and apply a leave-in conditioner to hold curls. Air dry or use hooded dryer.

When combing alway comb from the bottom all the way up.

CAUTION: Do not apply oil sheen, hair glosser, mist, or any similar products.  Do not rub or message, do not over brush may cause tangling.

Do not brush or blow dry while hair is wet, it can permanently damage the fiber, do not brush curly hair
lease do not get a fresh relaxer and get braids, your hair will break and the pull and tightness will be unbearable: I want you to avoid the headaches and save your edges.  It is not good to do it at all if the hair is going to be braided, leave it natural (trust me there are products that will make those edges slick and smooth).

What if my edges grows out and how do I avoid the tangles/frizz?

There are a lot of products you can purchase that can slick your edges, but how long will it last?  Design Essentials, Hicks Transformations to name a few will help with the blending with no flakes nor product built up at all.  A small amount of hair gel  like Eco style & Berry Ice Ampro works perfectly, just rub some on your hands and onto the commercial hair and it will slick your weave in looking fresh than before, this is great with non human hair and curly hair. ​

What should I use to treat my hair daily or hot oil treatment?​

​I am a firm believer in organic natural products for example, Vitamin E, Castro, Extra Virgin Olive  Oil and Coconut Oil for hair growth.  These are the essentials that promote hair growth and if you are sensitive this will be great  because your scalp is connected to your epidermis which is the outter rmost layer of the skin of that makes up the face and neck, so any reaction would be a minimum. Also take Biotin over 600mg pills if your doctor states it is wise without altering with other medication this will assist with the promotion internally.

​How Do I Set An Appointment?​

Before setting an appointment, there is a deposit via PayPal to msgynesis@yahoo.com and then a confirmation with location, time and date will be forward.  Please make sure you are accurate with your scheduling because the deposit is non-refundable.

Returns & Refunds

There is no refunds No No No and no returns on any products. All products and sales are final.


Disclaimer: If your hair texture is not suitable for any tension or partings and/or if you are very tender headed please do not ask for braiding services. If your edges are weak and if you are afraid of the pull, please ask to leave your edges out upon service.  Other than that, please allow your hair to be free of any tension and the best suitable style will be a natural hair styles with your natural hair especially if you just had extension or braiding services prior.

 Please do not rush the tech. in order to receive quality work, please fill out the client intake form prior to hair appointment, so the proper scheduling will suit the time and for you to get your total look.  Please do not instruct  nor rush the tech on how to do the technique because we are trained license professionals we know what we're doing. 

Hair by Gynesis can not guarantee exact times for mobile services.  The client will be provided a date and appointment window (i.e. 8am-11am/noon-3pm etc.)  The client will contact Gynesis the day before service to provide a more specific time of arrival and or station number.  Deposits for services and hair are non-refundable.  An additional deposit may be required varying on travel circumstances.  Gynesis main goal is to provide outstanding service, and she appreciate your business.

Gynesis appreciates your business!

© 2012 by ​Gynesis. All photos are rights to Gynesis do not duplicate or prosecution actions will be taken.

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